Shipping and Return Policy

Usage of this web site in any way, You agree to the following terms and arrangements and are subject to change without notice.

Terms of Service for Services, Scripts, and Modules

  • Interactive Design Solutions reserves the right to refuse service to any person or entity for any reason.
  • You hold harmeless,, Interactive Design Solutions (IDS), and Scott D. Shepard, or the owner free from any liabilities from any content or media presented or made available at this web site, or for services performed on your, the clent, web site.
  • Any of the content available, free or sold is used at your own risk.
  • Scripts, Apps and Modules are sold "as is."
  • Some software Upgrades/Updates have a fee to obtain.
  • You understand that licenses for software are granted solely for the use of the software and you are NOT the owner of the software whether software is distibuted as free, shareware, or purchased.
  • Licenses for all IDS software, retail and custom modules, and other IDS software are non-transferable unless granted or authorized.
  • Unless otherwise specified, installation for any or each module, app or script is licensed for exactly one domain or one store front. Subdomains are considered a separate domain and require their own license. You are required to comply with this restriction regardless of the software distribution that does not cotain its own licensing protection.
  • Most services have a custom Terms Of Service (TOS) agreement. If service is purchased at this website, there will be no refund once work begins. Agreement of tasks shall be specified before work begins. It is the client's responsibility to understand the impact of the services applied to the website and be as specific as needed when requesting services from IDS.
  • Retainer Services, or any services provided on an hourly rate, are non-transferable for any reason.
  • Support Policy: currently technical support is provided at no charge. Support is provided via email and/or the helpdesk software on the website.
  • Technical support does not include new code or enhancements to IDS modules/scripts.
  • Discounts are computed automatically when added to basket. Services and integrations generally do not receive them.
  • Sponsorship is available for any script or module. Contact IDS for more information about sponsorship.
  • Per MivaMerchant announcement of end of life for MM4, All IDS MM4 modules are now End Of Life (EOL). Support for any of these product must be purchased.
  • There is no upgrade path from IDS MM4 to IDS MM5 or later scripts and modules. New software must be purchased.
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  • All services performed, particulalry coding, are copyrighted by IDS, and not work-for-hire services. It is implied that you have a limited license to use this information on your website. There is no license to resell any work product performed by IDS or any associates or agents of IDS.
  • There is no non-recurring engineering on services including custom modules. Simply, there shall be no discount because some work product has been done. Clients are not entitled to the benefit of other clients contracted services.


  • All services are subject to 30 minute administration charge.


  • These are intangible goods. There is no shipping. All software that is available, is made available via electronic download.
  • Complimentary updates are available up to 2 years from the date of purchase


  • Requests for All Returns for products purchased may be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Requests for return to receive a refund must be made within 30 calander days from the date of purchase.